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Theatre : Agitateurs de Rêve

Achat propriété de luxe maison de luxe Annecy Aix les Bains Chambéry Genève

This year was the 5th edition of the “coup de Théâtre” festival by the “Agitateurs de Rêves” which decided to use public areas of Annecy as its open air stage giving a modernised version of street theatre. This new edition benefited from the generosity and enthusiasm of a young generation of artists largely applauded by the watching public. This young association mainly composed of young volunteers is aiming at making culture and theatre accessible to the greatest number of people.

The open air stage plays were hosted within the main historical public spaces of Annecy, such as the main courtyard of Annecy’s château, the platform of the cathedral or the historical flagship touristic boat “Libéllule” belonging to the “Compagnie des bateaux du lac d’Annecy”.
The dynamic team of the « Agitateurs de Rêve” can be found all year round through organised and unusual events such as a “bal masqué” organized within the sumptuous scenery of Annecy’s château.